Tennant V-BP-6

Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Maintain indoor air quality with Tennant’s V-BP-6 Backpack Vacuum, equipped with standard HEPA filtration. Improve operator comfort with an adjustable Deuter® hiking harness. Increase productivity up to an additonal 50% when you choose the optional Sidewinder® tool kit.

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  • Maximize comfort and mobility for operators with an ergonomic Deuter branded hiking harness designed to decrease muscle fatigue.
  • Vacuum during the day with low noise levels and HEPA filtration.
  • Customize your backpack vacuum for your needs by selecting from three available tool kits.


  • Bag Capacity: 6 qt / 5.7 L
  • CRI Seal of Approval: CRI Gold
  • Machine Width: 9.5 in / 241 mm (11 in / 279 mm with harness)
  • Machine Type: Backpack
  • Power Cord Length: 50 ft / 15 m
  • Weight: 13 lbs / 5.9 kg

  • Cleaning Path: 14 in / 355 mm (Standard Telescoping Kit and Base Kit), 18 in / 457 mm (Premium Sidewinder Kit)
  • Machine Length: 7 in / 178 mm (10 in / 254 mm with harness)
  • Filter Type: HEPA filter standard 99.97 percent @ 0.3 micron
  • Machine Height: 21 in / 533 mm (25 in / 635 mm with harness)
  • Sound Level: As low as 67 dBA
  • Service Plans: Pay as You Go, Block of Time


Reduce Cost to Clean

Improve operator efficiency, mobility and productivity with the ergonomically designed Tennant V-BP-6 commercial backpack vacuum.

Maintain Health & Safety

Contribute to good indoor air quality with vacuums that incorporate 4-stage HEPA filtration, and promote comfort and safety with ergonomic backpack harness features.

  • Maintain indoor air quality with standard 4-stage HEPA filtration.
  • Minimize safety risks and damage with Deuter-designed harness cord strain relief and on / off switch affixed to harness belt.
  • Clean in noise-sensitive environments with low noise level as low as 67 dBA.
  • Provide a safe environment with LEED-qualifying, CRI-certified vacuum.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Improve operature manueverability with a comfortable Deuter hiking harness and ensure operator efficiency with tool kits that meet the needs of different cleaning applications.

  • Choose from three tool kits to customize backpack vacuum to your needs.
  • Get up to 50 percent more productive cleaning than traditional push-pull wands with optional premium Sidewinder kit.
  • Increase operator mobility and comfort with Deuter harness features: height adjustment, stabilizer straps, breathable mesh, and anatomically shaped shoulder straps and hip belt.

Maximize Productivity

Choose three available tool kits for maximum productivity.

  • Base Kit has two-piece locking aluminum wand with 14 in / 356 mm tools.
  • Standard Telescoping Kit has chrome telescoping wand with 14 in / 356 mm tools.
  • Premium Sidewinder® Kit has two-piece anodized aluminum wand with 18 in / 457 mm tools for up to 50 percent more productivity.

Additional information



Vac Type


Bag Capacity

6 qt

CRI Seal of Approval

CRI Silver

Machine Width

9.5 in

Power Cord Length

50 pi

Machine Weight

19 lb

Estimated Run Time

Up to 55 minutes

Recharge Time

2.5 hrs

Cleaning Path

14 in

Machine Height

7 in

Filter Systems

HEPA filter standard 99.97 percent @ 0.3 micron

Sound Level

As low as 63 dBA*

Service Plans

Block of Time, Pay as You Go

Power Source

36 VDC / 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery


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