Tennant i-mop XXL Plus

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

The maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind floor scrubber. The i-mop® XXL Plus makes it possible to clean any surface with freedom of movement and great ease of use. No borders or boundaries. This machine isn’t just designed for cleaning, it is designed for the cleaner.

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  • Remove more surface soil than traditional mop and bucket cleaning with the i-mop XXL Plus’ balanced weight distribution and twin counter-rotating brushes.
  • Increase productivity, minimize foot traffic disruptions, create a more inviting facility and reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries with improved cleaning performance versus manual mopping.
  • Protect the vacuum motor from overflowing water with a floating ball in the filtration element that pops up and engages to close the recovery tank when it is full.
  • Keep your motor safe from water damage with an electronic switch that automatically shuts down the engine when held below a 32 degree angle.
  • Prevent your battery from draining with the i-mop's battery safe guard that ensures the machine remains off when in storage mode.
  • Reduce chemical and water usage with the i-mop XXL Plus’ patented Fluid Management Systems.


  • Application: Indoor
  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 24750 sq ft / 2300 sq m
  • Estimated Run Time: (80% charge with one hour charge time) Up to 60 mins
  • Main Down Pressure: 70.4 lbs / 32 kg
  • Power Source: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 1.25 gal / 5 L
  • Battery Charger Type: Battery
  • Head Type: Disk
  • Machine Width: 26.8 in / 680 mm

  • Charger type: Off-board
  • Cleaning Path: 24.4 in / 620 mm
  • Machine Type: Walk-Behind
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 2 gal / 8 L
  • Pad RPMs: Up to 350 rpm
  • Service Plans: Pay as You Go
  • Machine Height: 50 in / 1270 mm
  • Machine Length: 14.2 in / 360.7 mm
  • Weight: 78 lbs / 35.3 kg (with batteries and water)


Mobile and Accessible

The i-mop Lite is a highly maneuverable small space scrubber that can maneuver 360 degrees allowing the user to clean in tight spaces.

  • Easily pick up, carry, store and use the scrubber with its lightweight structure and minimal footprint.
  • Easy to move while not in operation with the back wheels.
  • Perfect for mobile cleaning in multiple locations.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Easily clean floors with the flexibility of a mop and the power and speed of a scrubber.

  • Improve cleaning performance with twin 350 RPM counter-rotating brushes.
  • Easily clean around underneath objects with a unique ergonomic design that allows for one-handed operation.
  • Get ultimate cleaning flexibility and eliminate the risk of tripping accidents caused by cords.
  • Make swift work out of any cleaning job with a cleaning path up to 24 in / 62 cm wide and up to 70.4 lbs / 32 kg of down pressure.
  • Customize your cleaning experience with a variety of brush and pad options to meet your facility's needs.
  • Fill, empty and re-fill tanks virtually anywhere – not just slop sinks.
  • Easily transport between different areas, levels and buildings with i-mop's convenient wheels.

Maximize Runtime

Operate continuously when you rotate the use and charging of two sets of batteries.

  • Get over one hour of runtime on a single charge and minimize downtime with a quick one-hour recharge time.
  • Clean 24/7 with a single machine when you charge and swap between two sets of batteries.

Minimize Environmental Impact

Dramatically reduces water and chemical consumption over mop and bucket cleaning.

  • Reduce chemical and water usage with the i-mop XXL Plus’ patented Fluid Management Systems.
  • Adjust to changing chemical needs in a matter of seconds by switching to a different solution tank.

Additional information



Machine Type




Estimated Productivity

Up to 24750 sq ft

Estimated Run Time

Up to 60 mins

Main Down Pressure

70.4 lbs

Power Source

36 VDC / 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Solution Tank Capacity

1.25 gal

Machine Height

50 in

Machine Length

14.2 in

Machine Weight

78 lbs

Cleaning Path

24.4 in

Recovery Tank Capacity

2 gal

Pad RPMs

Up to 350 rpm

Service Plans

Pay as You Go

Head Type


Machine Width

26.8 in


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