Pioneer Eclipse 450GP Concrete Grinder & Polisher

Concrete Grinders & Polishers

Designed for maneuverability, flexibility and high production output on any floor surface. Flex head™ technology with HexFlex™ drivers ensures a smooth surface in the fewest amount of passes.

The 450GP is a walk-behind, single operator machine used to restore unfinished, old or worn hard floor surfaces. Part of the Heavy Restoration process of the Hard Floor Maintenance System, the 450GP is a fast, efficient and affordable propane powered grinding and polishing machine for concrete, terrazzo, marble, stone and quarry tile floor surfaces.

Based on the design and field experiences of the Mongrel – the company’s first successful hard floor grinding machine – the 450GP boasts a more powerful 18-HP Kawasaki engine, heavy duty gear boxes, GPX™ driver technology and improved deck skirting. The 34 inch wide (86 cm) operating path – compared to the Mongrel’s 30 inch (76 cm) width – improves polishing and grinding performance by more than 13%. Removable weights allow the operator to set the machine’s head pressure to the ideal setting for the job, with a maximum pressure of 500 lbs. (227 kg), while the integral skirting allows the 450GP to grind the floor within 3/8” of any wall surface.

Variable engine speeds, vacuum dust port, removable weights and an on-board water supply allows the operator to adjust the performance parameters of the 450GP to meet the requirements of a variety of hard floor surfaces. Also, with the proprietary 3PS system – unique to Amano Pioneer Eclipse – the 450GP boasts 34% lower operational costs when compared to other machines in its class.

The 450GP is one of the most versatile, user-friendly machines on the market. More than just a grinder and polisher, the 450GP is ideal for coating removal, surface preparation (for coating applications), floor stripping and deep scrubbing. Operators can easily switch from one application to the next with simple tool-free driver removal and installation procedures. Operators can easily change between metal, semi-metal and resin diamonds to coating removal, floor stripping or scrubbing pads with little down time.


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