Pioneer Eclipse 300BU Burnisher


The 300BU is a battery operated Ultra-High Speed (“UHS”) burnisher that rapidly produces high levels of gloss on VCT, polished concrete and other hard floor surfaces. The 300BU features SteadyOne™ pad control technology that dramatically improves the performance and life span of burnishing pads while producing excellent single-pass results. This powerful burnisher is available in 20″, 24″, and a 27″/28″ models.


The 300BU comes with a dust control filter system for clean, quiet and efficient burnishing. Powered by three 12-volt 228 AH batteries, the 300BU can burnish over 26,000 square feet per hour (2400 square meters) and producing only 67 decibels of soft noise. Clean, safe and effective, the 300BU is a burnisher you can count on to maintain floors at any hour in any facility.


Do you ever get inconsistent results with your battery burnisher? It may be because your burnisher doesn’t have the ability to adjust to changing conditions. The 300BU does. With Steadyone Technology built into every 300BU, the burnishing head automatically adjusts to changing floor conditions and changing pad conditions, producing consistent results every time. Exclusive to the 300BU, this “smart” adjustment produces great results – fast – in just a single pass.

SteadyOne™ uses advanced fluid drive technology to maintain constant pad pressure and produce more consistent results. Unlike other machines using spring mechanisms that vary when a metal coil compresses or extends, SteadyOne™ automatically adjusts the deck as the pad wears to apply the same pad pressure throughout the burnishing operation. Floor care professionals can now get the same one-pass results today … and tomorrow.

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