Tennant CS5 Micro


Drop the mop and get a better level of clean with the CS5 Micro-Scrubber. This innovative, 21st century scrubber eliminates many of the challenges of traditional mop and bucket cleaning. Instead of pushing around dirty water, the CS5’s separate solution and recovery tanks deliver fresh water for scrubbing. Where traditional mop and bucket cleaning would often leave behind a slick, dangerous floor, the CS5 leaves a safer, drier floor by quietly and effectively recovering used water.

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Machine Type


Scrub path

28 in

Estimated Productivity

45,484 sq ft

Max. speed

3.7 mph

Brush pressure

Setting 1 = 65 lb / Setting 2 = 105 lb

Brush speed (RPM)

2,250 RPM

Brush motor

0.75 hp

Vacuum motor

0.56 hp

Air Flow

55.3 CFM

Vacuum waterlift

57 in

Water flow

0 – 0.8 gpm

Min. turn-around aisle width

59 in

Max. ramp climbing

16 degrees


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