CenoBots L50

AI-Powered Scrubber-Dryer Robot

Productive scrubber with 55L/14.5Gal water tanks and a 5-stage filtration system for effective water recycling, resulting in significant water conservation;Automatic detergent mixing capability reduces waste of detergents significantly. The L50 stands out for its unmatched safety capabilities due to its cutting-edge 3D lidar technology and state-of-the-art “big model” and transformer neural networks, similar to those used in ChatGPT. NVIDIA Xavier is the world’s most powerful SoC, based on a 12nm artisanal manufacturing process with 9 billion transistors. It features a GPU with 512 CUDA Volta and 32TOPS. Fast deployment with a user-friendly UI, saving time by at least 50%; automatic map updating in dynamic environments; modularized hardware design for fast and easy replacement of parts.

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Machine Type

Robotic, Walk-Behind



Cleaning Path

20 in

Recovery Tank Capacity

14.5 gal

Machine Width

22.8 in

Squeegee Width

29 in

Machine Height

41.1 in

Machine Length

41.5 in

Estimated Run Time

6h Runing Time

Main Down Pressure

55.1 lbs

Head Type



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